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Sports Therapy

Woman receiving Sports Massage

There is a common misconception that Sports Therapy is only for Sports people.

While it is true that sports therapy is a great complement to any sport or fitness regimen to ensure peak performance, it is not only those already in good condition that can benefit.

In fact it has been shown that massage, stretching and exercise are a vital part of rehabilitation from all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions, be it from injury, postural imbalance or neurological condition.

The difference between general, or Deep Tissue massage, and Sports Massage varies greatly between therapists but I believe the key element is in the initial assessment.






A thorough understanding of the underlying cause of any symptoms is the most important part of any treatment plan.

I will take you through a thorough assessment to find the root cause of any pain or injury, allowing us to devise a treatment plan to deal with any imbalances, and remedy the cause of your pain or discomfort.


As well as the traditional techniques, such as soft tissue manipulation and release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue, I use advanced muscle energy techniques and mobility practices to utilise your body's own responses to aid in your recovery and improve your range of motion and muscle flexibility. This helps to reset your 'muscle memory' allowing the new position to become your new normal, and is far more effective than massage alone.

Woman receiving Sports Massage
Woman receiving Sports Massage


Woman receiving Personal Training

We all know exercise is good for us, or is it?

Sometimes a specific exercise can exacerbate a postural imbalance or injury causing pain and inhibit recovery or performance.

Understanding this, every treatment I carry out comes with homework in the form of relevant stretching to help you continue your recovery.

If you want to take things further I can provide you with a bespoke training plan with access to my online portal with explanations and videos to guide you. And of course I'm are always here to help if you need it!

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